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Strata Cleaning & Maintenance

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Looking for a company to clean and maintain your strata property for you inSouth Australia? And do you need somebody to help you maintain it? At Adelaide Cleaning Services, we can help you:Today, there are over 270,000 strata schemes that encompass more than two million individual lots across Australia. In Adelaide alone, strata properties account for more than half of all residential sales and leases. There is also an increasing number of commercial properties that are now under strata titles. Strata buildings are popular amongst investors, providing cost-effective homes and retail spaces for Australians.

Keeping common spaces clean in a strata building encourages social interaction amongst tenants, reduces health risks and adds value to the property. To meet your demands, Adelaide Cleaning Services offers strata cleaning and maintenance across Adelaide. We specialize in services that suit your requirements without exceeding your budget. We work according to high standards, ensuring your property is germ and dust free once we complete our services

Adelaide Cleaning Services’ staff is trained to provide your site with excellent cleaning and maintenance services. They comply with the Workplace Health and Safety laws in South Australia to give you and your residents a comfortable and clean environment.

To organize ourAdelaide Cleaning Services’ professional team of Starta Cleaning & Maintenance cleaners to visit your premises across South Australia, contact us today,Call+040 495 7000, or Email: [email protected]

services details
services details